About us

We do a full production cycle of ready-made websites of any complexity, from graphic design to website hosting, its configuration and further assistance in SEO-support with the aim to promote your website on search engines.

Modern SEO-optimization and mobile device optimization are a must when creating a modern website.

The client can monitor the whole cycle of website building online at any time on a specially created test subdomain. Also, we provide guaranteed support services of the websites after the hosting.

Website development is divided into several stages:

  1. Development of technical specifications.
  2. Graphic design development.
  3. Layout and adaptation of the site under the CMS.
  4. Uploading the site to the hosting and its setting, or transferring the source files of the site to the customer.

After the development of the technical specifications and approval of its customer, the customer makes an advance payment of 20% of the value of the entire project. The remaining amount is divided between the stages of the production site. The customer pays another part of the work only after our company has completed this stage and has approved it by the customer.

After the end of the production site and launch it on the hosting, our company produces warranty technical support. If the client changes the site code, as a result of which the site’s performance will be impaired, the warranty technical support will be canceled and the site’s recovery will be possible only if this work is paid for.

In the future, the customer always has the opportunity to expand or change the functionality of his site by making the appropriate order, the price of which will be calculated separately.

Our sites are built using CMS Wordpress.

This CMS (Content Management System) is the most popular in the world today and it has absolute leadership on the World Wide Web.

CMS Wordpress allows to dynamically change the data on the website and it allows the content to be managed by the owner of the website without any special computer skills or engaging IT-specialists for this job.

CMS Wordpress is also the security of your site.

 A lot of both paid and free plugins have been made for CMS Wordpress which make it possible to expand the website’s functions practically without limits.

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