NVV Debug Lines

WordPress plugin

WordPress version: 5.1 or later

PHP version: 5.4 or later

This plugin is intended to help developers. With the help of our plugin, you can highlight the elements of the site with colored lines for visual control. There are also functions for debugging code, which significantly help optimize the code and find errors in the code.

  • Full customization on the options page
  • Implemented complete clearing of all options from the site database created when using the plugin

There are functions for debugging the code nvvd() and nvvdl().

Function: nvvd( $variable )

For example:

$variable = array( “1” => “a”, “2” => “b” );
nvvd( $variable );

Result on screen:

array(2) { [1]=> string(1) “a” [2]=> string(1) “b” }

        [1] => a
        [2] => b

To stop the execution of the program, you need to enter “true”:
nvvd( $variable, true );

Function: nvvdl( $variable )
This function does the same, but outputs data to a file.
File path: wp-content/nvv_debug.log

If you decide to remove the plugin, do not worry that the changes made by our plugin will remain in your site’s database. You can clear all options on the plugins page of the site.