NVV Login Control

WordPress plugin

WordPress version: 5.1 or later

PHP version: 5.4 or later

„NVV Login Control” allows you to customize the authorization page. Configurable redirection after login and logout. Redirect to custom profile page. Authorization on behalf of any user of the site with the click of a button (this option allows you to look at the site as the user sees it). Connection Google recaptcha V3. Closing the site for maintenance, and notifying users about this on a special page. Google Analytics script connection. Hiding the WordPress toolbar from users and site guests.

Authorization page

On the login page, you can change the background colors, font colors and background image. Custom CSS styles on the login page allow you to completely redesign the authorization page.

Login as any user

In order to log in to the site on behalf of the user, you just need to select the user from the list on the toolbar panel. For security reasons, authorization on behalf of any user can only be performed by trusted site users.

Recaptcha V3

In the plugin settings, it is possible to enable or disable recaptcha on the authorization page, as well as hide the recaptcha logo on the site.

Technical service

Maintenance page fully customizable.

During the time when the site is closed for maintenance for users, the site administrator sees a notification on the toolbar panel.

Implemented a whitelist of IP addresses that will be allowed access to the site when it is closed. This can be useful, for example, when you need to log in to the site on behalf of the user at a time when the site is closed from the users. You just need to add your IP address to the whitelist, and access for this address to the site will be open.


In this section of options, you can insert the Google Analytics script, and it will work correctly on your site.

„NVV Login Control” supports the Polylang plugin for multilingual sites.

If you decide to remove the plugin, do not worry that the changes made by our plugin will remain in your site’s database. You can clear all options on the plugins page of the site.